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Bureau Express® Merged Credit Reports provide a real-time representation of a borrower’s credit history in an easy to read format. Whether ordering from our secure site or from a wide range of loan origination platforms, requesting merged credit reports from Factual Data is simple and straightforward.

  • Factual Data is a Tier 1 credit provider with a direct connection to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  • Trended credit data from Equifax®, Experian® and TransUnion® allows a clear view of borrower payment habits for up to 24 months, giving a more in-depth picture of an applicant’s history
  • Convenient summaries for efficient reviews with an easy-to-read overview detailing FICO scores, debt summary, late payment history, and fraud alerts
  • Customized report formats can be displayed in a variety of ways. Prefer to see derogatory items displayed first? Need a Mortgage Rating (mortgage only report) or Spanish language report? Factual Data provides the tools to customize reports to fit any preference
  • Credit Supplements can be ordered from our secure, web-based platform or directly from the Factual Data mortgage credit report in an LOS

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Factual Data offers CreditXpert® and QuickScore® rescoring solutions to help lenders close loans fast. Simple yet effective solutions to improve a borrower’s credit score can be achieved by making recommended adjustments to the Bureau Express Merged Credit Report.

  • Instant Recommendations: CreditXpert Essentials provides step-by-step recommendations to help a borrower improve their FICO score
  • Flexible Scenarios: CreditXpert What-if Simulator allows lenders to review several likely outcomes to determine a plan that is right for the borrower
  • Prompt Adjustments: QuickScore tradeline update can be processed in as little as three days

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Credit Score Analysis and Re-Scoring

Loan Quality Initiative


Undisclosed Debt tracking solution: Monitor loan files and receive alerts on new or changed borrower activity from application through closing.
Loan Review Report (LRR): Helps reduce lenders’ risk by detecting the presence of undisclosed liabilities prior to closing.

  • Information Analysis: A clear summary appears at the top of every report including account balances, added or removed tradelines, and recently reported derogatory information
  • Credit Comparison: A side-by-side review of the new information and the original merged credit report, identifying how the report has changed
  • Customizable Formatting: Report will expand or collapse to include all liabilities, or only the tradelines that have changed

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